Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Preparation for VIVA

Interview is one of the most important way of selecting suitable person from a numerous of candidates. In any interview board, the examiners always try to find out the inner qualities of the candidate for the required position. With this view, interviewee has to pose his /her potentiality in the board regarding the post. Though, interview is perhaps the most universally feared undertaking, for a well prepared candidate, it may be enjoyable way to share one’s background of potentiality of the post. While practice is the best way to diminish physiological and psychological symptoms, an attitude adjustment is the best way to eliminate self-perpetuating negative thinking.
However while taking adequate mental and other preparation, a person seeking jobs in library profession should undergo following questions:

Suggested Interview Questions for Library Jobs:
1. What is library?
2. What motivated you to seek a library degree?
3. Why did you decide to apply for this position?
4. Discuss some of your achievement regarding this field.
5. How are you qualified for this job?
6. What qualifications do you have that make you think you will be a success at this job?
7. Do you have some extraordinary qualities that distinguish you from others?
8. What experience do you have dealing with academic scholars?
9. What is your experience with automated systems and with computers in general?
10. What do you think a reference librarian's duties should be?
11. What does success mean to you? How do you judge it?
12. What types of things make you angry? How do you react?
13. In what ways do you think you can make a contribution to our department?
14. Why do you think this library should hire you?
15. Mention some popular reference materials.
16. What does librarianship means?
17. Is Library Science is Science or Arts?
18. What is data?
19. What is metadata?
20. What is information?
21. What is the difference between data and information?
22. What are the functions of a reference librarian?
23. Mention some popular online databases with their subject coverage.
24. Who is Melvil Dewey?
25. What is his contribution in library profession?
26. What are the major classifications of the DDC?
27. Mention some popular journals in our field.
28. Abbreviate ISBN and ISSN. Describe their role in this information era.
29. What do you mean by literature search?
30. What do you mean by "Bibliography”?
31. What are the steps in compiling a Bibliography?
32. How will you arrange bibliographies?
33. What do you mean by bibliographic control?
34. What are the tools of bibliographic control?
35. What is catalogue?
36. Why library users need catalogue?
37. Discuss the history of library movement in Bangladesh.
38. Which is more important ' Bibliography or Abstract ' for controlling information explosion?
39. Briefly discuss the role of Library Association.
40. What is library science?
41. Why library science is called science?
42. Which is the largest library in the world?
43. What are the major Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) classes?
44. What are the ten major classes of Universal Decimal Classification?
45. Which is the largest library in your country (both in collection and structure)?
46. Briefly discuss history of library education in your country.
47. Which resource do you prefer - electronic or print, and why?
48. What do you mean by automation?
49. Discuss the benefits of library automation.
50. Discuss some major problems of library automation in your country.
51. Which classification scheme would you prefer and why?
52. What do you mean by National Bibliography?
53. Is there any national bibliography published in your country?
54. What do you mean by classification?
55. Mention five popular National Libraries in the world.
56. Briefly Discuss about IFLA, its role to promote librarianship around the world.
57. What does information literacy means?
58. What does OPAC means?
59. Discuss briefly the role of OCLC, its functions.
60. How reference services differ from information service?
61. Why classification is necessary?
62. Which is the largest academic library in your country?
63. Why Public library is called the People's University?
64. Discuss the various types of library that exist in a civil society.
65. What is networking?
66. What do you mean by resource sharing?
67. Why networking and resource sharing of a library is necessary?
68. What do you mean by library cooperation?
69. Mention two modern information services.
70. What is digital library?
71. What is electronic library?
72. What is hybrid library?
73. What do you mean by CAS?
74. What is SDI?
75. What is CDS/ISIS? Discuss it’s feature.
76. Name some library software with merits and drawbacks.
77. What is user profile?
78. What do you mean by user education? Why is it necessary?
79. What is IT? What are the impacts of IT in library?
80. What do you mean by index? Why is it needed?
81. What is ILS (Integrated Library System)?
82. What is KOHA?
83. What is GreenStone?
84. What do you mean by LMS?
85. Describe Digital Library vs. Online Library.
86. What is DSpace?


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